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Question: Should I consider selling my home by myself?

Video Transcript For: Should I consider selling my home by myself?

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Consider this: homes sold using an agent sold on average for 18.6% more money than those sold by the owners: Why is this?

An experienced professional Realtor is going to be better at listing the property at the right price compared to competition, marketing a property for maximum exposure to the greatest pool of buyers, and most importantly, will offer good independent counsel in perhaps the most important part of the transaction, which is negotiating price and terms.

In addition to netting less money, for-sale-by-owner’s waste time.

It’s no wonder that only 9% of all sales are by owner, and a third of those transactions, the seller knew the buyer.

Hiring a professional Realtor who has a pulse on the market and the knowledge to be your trusted advisor, is just good business.


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