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    best greater lansing neighborhoods for new home buyers

    Greater Lansing is one of the best places to live in Michigan. Greater Lansing also makes it easy for all different types of home buyers to find their ideal home. With a bright and beautiful downtown, Big 10 university, exceptional schools, quiet rural villages and welcoming urban neighborhoods, all types of people and all types of families can find what they’re looking for. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best greater lansing neighborhoods for new home buyers, including singles, couples and new families. 

    The Best Greater Lansing Neighborhoods for New Home Buyers 

    Greater Lansing has been named one of the best places to live in Michigan, and even one of the best places to live in America. Greater Lansing includes a wide area with many diverse neighborhoods, including the two larger city centers, Lansing and East Lansing, as well as the suburbs of each, such as Okemos, Holt, Grand Ledge and DeWitt, and surrounding rural villages, like Bath, Potterville, Laingsburg or Mason. Each of these has unique charms and appeal to different new home buyers.   

    Lansing: Fun and Affordable for Singles and Couples 

    With the number of unmarried couples and single homebuyers reaching record highs, Lansing is a great place to start looking for a starter home, or permanent home. According to Livability, Lansing itself has been named the number one best, most affordable place to live in America. This makes it a great option for single homebuyers with one income. Since homes within the city tend to be smaller, it’s also ideal for couples who aren’t planning to have children. With many successful businesses, different restaurants, hip coffee shops, and entertainment venues, it’s easy to work and play in Lansing. 

    Okemos: Number One Schools 

    Six out of the seven schools in Okemos perform above the 90th percentile, making them some of the best schools in the state, and even in the nation. Most notable is Okemos High School, which ranks at the 98th percentile, and gives older children a fantastic jump-start right into college. Okemos is right on the edge of East Lansing as well, putting it only a bus ride away from East Lansing. As children grow up around Michigan State University, they’re likely to get excited about university life and a future in higher education.   

    DeWitt: Find Your Dream Family Home 

    Located north of Lansing near the highway, DeWitt is further removed from the city, but still highly accessible. With exceptional schools and reasonably-priced homes, DeWitt is easily one of the best Greater Lansing neighborhoods for new home buyers. DeWitt is particularly appealing for new homebuyers who’d like to skip the starter home and go straight to their dream home. This community is safe, welcoming, and peaceful, without being too far removed from the fun events and entertainment in Lansing and East Lansing. 

    East Lansing: For Academia Couples or Families 

    Home to Michigan State University, East Lansing is the perfect Greater Lansing neighborhood for new home buyers who see themselves pursuing a career in academia. With a wide variety of appealing neighborhoods throughout East Lansing, it’s easy to find your dream home. Since East Lansing homes tend to be more expensive, especially in “overlay” districts that don’t allow renting, this area is best for couples with two incomes. Couples and families who don’t mind living near homes or apartment buildings rented to college students might find more affordable options in non-overlay areas. East Lansing schools are also well above average, so this Greater Lansing neighborhood is a good choice for families as well as couples.  

    Haslett: Perfect for Family Lakeside Living 

    Haslett is ideal for homeowners who dream of lakeside living, but love the Greater Lansing area. Home to the 260-acre Lake Lansing, Haslett is one of Greater Lansing’s best neighborhoods for waterfront living. Haslett schools are also well above average, so it’s an ideal spot for couples who see themselves raising a family. Good schools, beautiful homes and a beautiful lake make most Haslett homes more expensive, but not out of reach for a dual-income family. 

    Mason: Peaceful and Rural 

    If you grew up near woods and farms, and you’re hoping your family can do the same, Mason may be the perfect place for you. Located south of East Lansing, Mason is a bit farther away compared to some of the previous communities. With above-average schools and many appealing rural and suburban homes, Mason is a good place to find your quiet and scenic family home. 

    Grand Ledge: Great for West Michigan Commuters 

    Commuting distance often plays a role in new home buyers. If you’d like to live in Greater Lansing but you or your partner are struggling with a commute to Grand Rapids, Grand Ledge may be an ideal Greater Lansing community for you. Located west of Lansing and near the highway, this community makes the hectic westward commute a bit easier. This community also has above-average schools and a wide variety of homes types, so it’s accessible at many income levels.   

    There are many exceptional Greater Lansing communities for new home buyers of all types. To find yours, think carefully about your priorities and how you visualize your future lifestyle. Decide if you’re looking for a location close to the city, a suburb, or a rural community. This will help you narrow down your list and find your perfect home. 

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