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    best neighborhoods in greater lansing

    For homeowners that want to be near Michigan’s biggest city centers, while also enjoying peace and quiet, Lansing is the perfect place to be. Michigan’s capital city is located nearly in the middle of the lower peninsula, giving residents a reasonable commute to Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Jackson, Ann Arbor, and many more. With a number of top-rated schools in the area, beautiful parks, and plenty of things to do, Greater Lansing is one of the best places to live in Michigan. If you are considering moving to the Lansing area, take a look at these outstanding Greater Lansing communities to live and buy a home. 

    Please note: East Lansing and its surrounding eastside towns are also outstanding communities in the capital area, and we’ve included them in separate lists. Take a look at East Lansing’s top neighborhoods and Okemos’s top neighborhoods to learn more about these areas.  

    Top Greater Lansing Communities to Live and Buy a Home 


    Suburban Community
    Median Home Price: $184,100
    Schools: A+
    North of Lansing

    With a wide variety of spacious, beautiful homes, some the area’s best schools, and close proximity to major highways, DeWitt takes the top spot in Greater Lansing’s best communities to live and buy a home. DeWitt is perfect for homeowners looking for safety and privacy without sacrificing the active lifestyle of the city. This community is small enough to give residents a sense of familiarity and community, while still providing a number of convenient and close-by amenities. You can even find your dream home on the water in this community. Thanks to Lake Geneva, near the center of town, DeWitt is also one of Mid-Michigan’s most beautiful waterfront communities


    Suburban Community
    Median Home Price: $137,300
    Schools: B
    South of Lansing

    Homeowners looking for a larger yard and a bit more distance from the city can find their ideal home in Holt. This unincorporated community in Delhi Charter Township provides the perfect meeting of rural and suburban, with peaceful forest and fields to the south, and popular retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, and other locations in Lansing and Okemos to the north and east. This community is also nestled between two major highways, so it is a perfect meeting point for two commuters. 

    Grand Ledge 

    Suburban Community
    Median Home Price: $145,700
    Schools: A
    West of Lansing

    High-quality schools, scenic riverside parks, accessible highways and a cozy downtown area put Grand Ledge high on the list of top Greater Lansing communities to live and buy a home. Located west of Waverly, Lansing’s immediate western neighbor, Grand Ledge is ideal for those working on the busy west side, downtown or those making a westward commute to Grand Rapids. This community is safe, friendly and fun, with a variety of local, family-friendly events throughout the year. With grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and many other convenient amenities located within town, you’ll have everything you need nearby.  


    Rural Community
    Median Home Price: $147,600 
    Schools: B
    Southwest of Lansing

    Dimondale is located west of Holt and south of Lansing between Interstates 96 and 69. This close proximity to central highways as well as the quiet, laid-back atmosphere make Dimondale the first choice for prospective homeowners looking to get away from the busy city. A number of beautiful suburbs, cozy farmhouses and ranch-style houses give you plenty of homes to choose from. The Grand River intersects this charming small town, and several independent shops, restaurants, and local hotspots make it easy to meet your neighborhoods and be a part of this close-knit community.   


    Rural Community 
    Median Home Price: $205,800
    Schools: B
    Northeast of Lansing

    Bath Township and the small community of Bath are located east of of DeWitt and north of East Lansing and Okemos. Though it is primarily a rural community, it’s located only a short drive from these neighboring towns, which makes it a preferred location for those who want to have their own privacy and space, but don’t want a long commute. The protected Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area occupies a large section of the eastern side of Bath Township, ensuring that the area’s green spaces will stay beautiful for years to come. Park Lake and Hawk Hollow Golf Course, located in the southern portion of the township, offer beautiful views and plenty of fun activities. 

    Greater Lansing offers a variety of urban, suburban and rural communities for all types of homeowners. Whether you want to raise a family in a quiet, but nearby suburb, you want to be close to the city’s events and hotspots, or you want a remote getaway, you can find it in Greater Lansing. Start your search with these top 5 Greater Lansing communities to live and buy a home. 

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