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    Lakefront Property in Mid-Michigan Residents of the Great Lakes State don’t have to go far to get property on the water. Besides the beautiful Great Lakes, Michigan has over 11,000 inland lakes with homes situated on most of them. Some residents buy lakefront homes as an investment, a vacation property, or because they simply love the water, and the great views and fun activities that come with it. If you’re thinking about waterfront living in Greater Lansing, here are 9 lakes to look into.

    9 Lakes to Live on in Greater Lansing

    1. Lake Lansing

    Named for the city itself, Lake Lansing tops the list of most desirable waterfront property in Greater Lansing. Despite the name, Lake Lansing is actually northeast in Haslett, though it is only a short drive from Lansing itself on Saginaw road. This central location means residents from all over Greater Lansing don’t have to go far to enjoy this lake, and those that live on it will be able to enjoy many city amenities as well as the peace, quiet and scenic views.

    At about 260 acres, Lake Lansing is one of the largest lakes in Greater Lansing. This also makes it one of the few lakes that allow motor boats, though kayaking, canoeing and other, non-motorized boats are also common. With about 280 homes on its shores, Lake Lansing hosts more waterfront properties than other Greater Lansing lakes, though its desirable location and large size drive tough competition for the rare for-sale properties.

    You’ll find two parks on Lake Lansing’s shores, and a variety of events take place there throughout the summer. A boat launch provides easy access for an afternoon fishing trip, and sandy beaches make an ideal swimming area. Lake Lansing is clean and well-maintained, with many services and amenities that make it a great weekend vacation spot or permanent home.

    2. Park Lake

    A few miles northwest of Lake Lansing is the smaller, more peaceful Park Lake. With 186 acres, Park Lake is considerably smaller than Lake Lansing, though this isn’t necessarily a negative attribute for many residents. Park Lake is generally quieter than the larger Greater Lansing lakes, making it ideal for many fishing enthusiasts or those looking for a tranquil evening on the water.

    Locating just off of I-69, Park Lake is the biggest attraction in Bath Township. The nearby town is small and the surrounding area is mostly rural, which is perfect for those looking for an escape from the city. Nestled between Hawk Hollow Golf Course, Rose Lake Wildlife Research Area and Priggooris Park, residents on Park Lake have plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. Located so close to a main highway, Park Lake is easy to get to, and takes only a few minutes from most areas around Lansing.

    A public swimming beach and the nearby ice cream shop make the north shore of Park Lake a fun and beautiful summer retreat. A short distance away, Rickard and Wiswasser park provide plenty of space for residents and visitors of all ages. The playground and picnic tables just off shore create an ideal afternoon family vacation spot in the summertime.

    3. Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva is a private lake located in Dewitt. As a private lake, its use is restricted to members of the Lake Geneva Property Owners Association, including the boat launch and two beaches and playgrounds. This exclusive access and the restriction on wakes, gives the lake a peaceful, quiet atmosphere. A variety of beautiful homes are situated on Lake Geneva’s shores, including lakefront and lake access properties.

    Located only a few miles from I-69, Lake Geneva properties are easy to reach, and commutes in and around Lansing don’t take long. Residents on Lake Geneva love the peace and quiet of the area, while still being centrally located.

    4. Scenic Lake

    Scenic Lake is an approximately 140 acre lake located in Laingsburg. Like Lake Geneva, Scenic Lake is also a private lake, with the surrounding beaches owned and maintained by by Scenic Lake Property Owners Association. With no public access, use of the lake is restricted to members only.

    Scenic Lake’s interesting shape allows for a variety of lakefront properties, as well as others with lake access. Some properties are located on peninsulas that extend into the lake, giving them exceptional views from all sides.

    5. Lake Victoria

    Lake Victoria is another private lake located between Lake Ovid and Laingsburg northeast of Lansing. This lake is farther removed than the previous lakes, which can be ideal for some residents hoping to get more distance from the busy city.

    The 139-acre private lake is managed and maintained by the Lake Victoria property owners association. Association members get exclusive access to boat launches and lakefront parks, as well as a pavilion area, baseball diamond and the lake itself. Fishing, sailing, swimming, tubing, skiing, boating and other activities are all allowed on the lake, giving property owners a private water sports arena in their own backyards.

    There are 657 owner-occupied lots surrounding Lake Victoria, with some owners occupying the area for more than 30 years.

    6. Duck Lake

    Duck Lake is located about 25 miles southwest of Lansing between I-69 and M-127. Though it is farther away than many of the previously mentioned lakes, it is also the largest lake, at 629 acres. Though Duck Lake is publicly accessible with no restriction on wakes, it is also a prized fishing lake, with anglers particularly noting the quality of fish in the lake.

    The Duck Lake Country Club on the lake’s eastern shore provides beautiful views during a leisurely round of golf. A public access point on the other side makes it easy to launch boats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks and many other water crafts.

    The closest towns are Springport and, farther away, Albion, which is near I-94. Though this lake is more difficult to get to than other Greater Lansing lakes, the trip is well worth it.

    7. Narrow Lake

    About two miles north of Duck Lake is Narrow Lake, a smaller, quieter lake for boating and fishing. As you might guess, this is a long, thin lake, with a particularly small space in the middle dividing the lake. This cuts the lake into two halves, one for wake boats and the other just for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming etc. At about 100 acres, this division gives plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

    Like Duck Lake, Narrow Lake is about 20 miles from Lansing. The closest town is Springport, and the closest town near the highway is Olivet, near I-69. Also like Duck Lake, the distance from the busy city is part of Narrow Lake’s charm and appeal. Residents have no trouble unwinding on the quiet side of Narrow Lake, or enjoying exciting summers with tubing, jet skiing and water skiing on the wake side.

    8. Jordan Lake

    Jordan Lake, located about 30 miles west of Lansing, is the village of Lake Odessa’s main attraction, though not its namesake. Lake Odessa lay on the shores of Jordan Lake, with Tupper Lake on the other side, but no actual “lake” Odessa exists.

    This 430 acre lake is relatively large, with no restrictions on public use or wakes. There’s plenty of space for exciting water activities as well as laid-back fishing for residents and visitors alike. With the village of Lake Odessa located right on the shore, residents can get everything they need in just a few minutes. Though it’s not situated near a major interstate, Jordan lake is right off of M-43 and M-66, so it is easy to get to.

    9. Rainbow Lake

    Located about 40 miles directly north of Lansing, Rainbow Lake is the farthest of Greater Lansing’s lakes, though it might also be one of the most beautiful. With the Maple River State Game Area nearby, the natural landscape around this lake is stunning.

    Rainbow Lake is a private lake maintained by the local property owner’s association. At about 300 acres, it is accessible to most types of water crafts. For anglers looking for a quieter fishing experience, the nearby Little Rainbow Lake is limited to no-wake crafts only. The scenic villages of Perrinton, Middleton, and Maple Rapids are all nearby, and M-27 is a few miles east.

    Whether you are looking for a private lake with your own exclusive access or a larger public lake to enjoy with all your neighbors, you can find what you’re looking for in Greater Lansing. Find your dream waterfront home, vacation home or a cozy place to retire without ever the Great Lakes State.

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