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    Selling a home in Mid-Michigan’s seller’s market means you’ll probably get more buyer attention than usual. But you might still be wondering where you should focus your remodeling projects to get top dollar when you decide to move. When you know what features homebuyers want in Mid-Michigan, you’ll know exactly where to put your investment.

    Top 10 Features Homebuyers Want In Mid-Michigan

    1. Decks

    In a survey conducted detailing what homeowners search for when filtering through for-sale listings, “decks” topped the keyword list in 21 states, including Michigan. Most of these states were located in the northernmost portions of the U.S., indicating that the weather must be warm, but still cool enough to enjoy being outside for portions of the year. Michiganders are passionate about the state’s beautiful natural landscapes and want to enjoy them, making this a top feature homebuyers want in Mid-Michigan.

    2. Energy Efficiency

    Homebuyers across the U.S. are looking for energy-efficiency in homes, whether this means Energy Star rated windows and installation, solar panels, solar-energy water heaters or extra efficient appliances. This is especially important to Mid-Michigan residents, where winters can be bitterly cold and heating costs very high. These are also easy investments to make, especially if you plan to update your appliances, water heater, windows or insulation anyway. Many of these home improvements are also tax deductible.

    3. Updated Kitchens

    Several cities in Mid-Michigan, including Lansing, East Lansing, and Okemos, ranked high on lists of desirable cities for Millennial buyers and new families. This means younger buyers are noticing the area, and younger buyers want different things than other groups. Millennials generally don’t have the budgets or time for big remodeling projects like kitchens, so they tend to focus more on homes that already have these updates installed. Since this is an important feature for homebuyers in a younger age group, it’s a good idea to consider carefully what type of buyer you plan to look for before you make these updates. According to the 2018 Remodeling Cost Vs Value report for Michigan, minor kitchen updates also yielded high ROI.

    4. Open Floor Plan

    The time for formal dining rooms and closed-off spaces is over. New home buyers still want to entertain and spend time with their families, but they don’t want walls between them. Living rooms, kitchens and dining areas that all connect in one central space have become an important feature homebuyers want in Mid-Michigan. This not only makes the room look larger, but can also give the space a more natural flow. With fewer obstacles between, air flows more easily and all rooms stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If non-essential walls are dividing up your kitchen, dining room and living room, consider bringing down the walls and opening the space up.

    5. Walkable Location

    Even within the Mid-Michigan area, the exact location of your home can make a difference. Being close to amenities and feeling safe are both features homebuyers want in Mid-Michigan. In recent years, more homebuyers have been looking for walkability, places to exercise, and entertainment in their neighborhood, and this is true for Mid-Michigan as well. The nearby amenities don’t have to be overly elaborate either; being close to a scenic park or riverwalk, friendly neighborhood hang-out, community center, a bus route, or mall can all make your location stand out.

    6. Good Schools

    Mid-Michigan is home to some of the best schools in the nation and, with many buyers already starting or considering starting families in the area, good schools are an essential feature homebuyers want in Mid-Michigan. If you’re close to award-winning schools like East Lansing or Okemos, your ideal buyers are probably new families looking for move-in ready homes, instead of young professionals, empty-nester or those looking to build equity.

    7. Ranch-Style Home

    Looking at the most popular type of homes by region, a survey found that ranch-style homes were preferred in Michigan. This is good news for Mid-Michigan homeowners and buyers, since this single-story home style is especially popular here. With no complicated architectural specialties to look after, ranch-style homes are versatile, durable, and low-maintenance, which appeals to the practical nature of most Midwest residents. Ranch-style homes also offer flexibility in style, allowing homeowners to make it there own without being stuck with a particular motif, like a Victorian-style, cottage-style, or farmhouse-style home might.

    8. Home Office

    A recent Gallup survey showed that 43% of U.S. workers now spend some time working remotely, and these numbers will only rise as new generations enter the workforce and the tech sector expands. This is just as true for Mid-Michigan residents as it is for residents in metro areas, making a home office a feature homebuyers want in Mid-Michigan. Staging an extra bedroom as an office or making slight updates to show the room’s potential for remote work can make a big difference, especially to younger buyers.

    9. Lighting

    Mid-Michigan residents know how dark winters can be and how early evening sets in when fall comes around. This makes extra lighting a feature homebuyers want in Mid-Michigan, both indoors and outdoors. If your home doesn’t have any outdoor lights, it can easily get passed over by house hunters, or, worse, it may appear unwelcoming or even unsafe when days get shorter. Outdoor lighting is one of the best winter landscaping tips, and can completely change the outward appearance of your home. Indoors, making a few simple upgrades with chic new fixtures can make your home look bold and modern.

    10. Bay Windows

    For the same reasons decks and good lighting are important features homebuyers want in Mid-Michigan, they also want bay windows. Large windows give homeowners a view of the beautiful landscape outside and they let in lots of natural light. Surveying homebuyers’ purchasing preferences, a study found found bay windows beat out floor-to-ceiling windows, the next most popular preference, though large windows of any type will help to capture buyers’ attention.

    Different buyers, homes, and geographic areas can all impact what features homebuyers want. If you’re considering home upgrades or you’re ready to put your home up for sale and you want to know how to make it most attractive, consider which buyers will be most interested in your home and what they’re looking for. Take a look at the key features of homes in your area and cost out the expense and return you’ll get on upgrades before you do them.

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