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    Reasons greater Lansing is the Best Place to Live in Michigan Area residents will tell you already that Greater Lansing is the best place to live in Michigan, but others have taken notice as well. With awards across the board for homeowners at every stage of life, Greater Lansing has won a top spot amongst Michigan’s best places to live. Whether you want to buy your first home, raise a family, or retire, you can find the perfect place in Greater Lansing.

    6 Reasons Greater Lansing Is The Best Place To Live In Michigan

    1. Lansing: #1 Best Affordable Place To Live in America in 2018

    No matter where you are in life, you want to save money for the things that really matter. Out of 2,000 cities across America surveyed, Lansing is the number one best place to save money.

    Livability studied housing prices, buying power, median household income, amenities, and a variety of other metrics to determine which American cities were the best and most affordable places to live. With low rent and house prices, low unemployment, high median household income and plenty of entertainment, it’s easy to see why Lansing residents are staying happy while saving money.

    2. Lansing: #4 Best City in America for Millennial Homebuyers in 2018

    Since it was voted the most affordable city to live in, it’s little wonder that Lansing was high on the list of the best cities for millennial homebuyers. Looking at America’s 100 biggest cities, Lending Tree compared mortgage applications from prospective homebuyers under the age of 35.

    With a full 40% of mortgage requests in Lansing coming from millennials (while representing only about 23% of the population), it’s safe to say Lansing is an attractive option for millennial buyers, most of them first time home buyers.

    3. East Lansing: #32 Top 100 Best Places To Live in America in 2018

    For this survey, Livability looked at 2,300 small and mid-sized cities across the nation and selected the 100 best based on what respondents said was most important to them. After comparing more than 40 data points including economics, housing, infrastructure, education and more, East Lansing came in at number 32.

    While central Lansing offers the excitement and vitality of an urban community, East Lansing lets residents take a step away from the hustle and bustle. With plenty of trees, colorful festivals throughout the year, a high median household income, exciting sports events and a top-notch university in town, it’s easy to see why this Greater Lansing community is one of the best places to live in the country.

    4. East Lansing: #40 Safest Cities To Retire in America in 2018

    At different stages of life, homeowners look for different things. When it’s time to retire, you want to be secure and safe. The low crime rate and thriving retirement-age community in East Lansing makes it one of the top safest cities to retire in 2018.

    Security Choice studied nearly 500 cities and urban areas, comparing crime rates, average retirement age, how many citizens were 65 or older, and other metrics to get their top 100. East Lansing came in at #40, proving Greater Lansing is home to residents of all ages.

    5. Okemos: #3 Best Place To Raise A Family In Michigan In 2018

    If you are ready to start your family, as many Millennial buyers are in 2018, you’re looking for good schools, low crime rates, good healthcare facilities, and plenty of fun family activities. Okemos offers all that and much more. 

    Niche compared 13 data points concerning families, including educational, economic, and recreational factors. Boasting one of the best public school systems in the state, low crime rates, high median household income, and dozens of parks and recreational areas, Okemos was high on the list at number 3.

    6. Okemos: #5 Best Place to Live In America In 2018

    Okemos was named the number 5 best place to live in America in Niche’s list, which might put it in contention with East Lansing’s spot on Livability’s list (above). But since the two cities are so close together, residents don’t really have to choose between these two award-winning communities.

    Niche’s study methodology was different than Livability’s, using fewer data points and placing more emphasis on education. Nestled on the southeast edge of Greater Lansing, the two cities are very close and have a lot in common. Located a bit further from the famous Michigan State University, Okemos residents generally enjoy a quieter lifestyle than their East Lansing neighbors.

    Though Lansing, East Lansing and Okemos are exceptional, they’re not the only cities that make Greater Lansing the best place to live in Michigan. Many smaller communities that weren’t considered in the surveys offer their residents the same amazing lifestyles. Whether you are looking for your first home, your forever home, or your twilight-years getaway, Greater Lansing is one of the best places to be.

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