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    Selling Your Home As-Is

    An “as is” home excites some buyers and makes others queasy. If you’re considering selling your home as is, you should first understand what this means, and the pros and cons of selling your home as is. Selling an as is home isn’t for everyone, but when you know what to expect, you’ll know if selling “as is” is for you.  

    The Pros and Cons of Selling Your Home As Is 

    The Basics: What Is “As Is?” 

    Selling a home “as is” doesn’t automatically mean the house is in bad condition. It’s a legal term meaning you’re not making any repairs or providing any warranties; the buyer gets the home exactly as it is, in its current state. Buyers may still ask you to make repairs, but you can refuse. 

    This doesn’t mean you’re exempt from disclosures, though. You still must disclose any issues about the property to the best of your knowledge. Different states have different laws governing real estate disclosures, and Michigan law states that sellers must fill out a Disclosure form. The disclosure form covers everything from appliances to roofs to basements to sump pumps and more. If you know about problems with any of the items on the form, it’s unlawful to conceal them. 

    Pros of Selling Your Home As Is

    Appealing Market

    Real estate market trends in 2018 support a seller’s market in Michigan, which can make affordable homes hard to find. This high-priced, competitive market makes buying a fixer upper a more attractive option to many buyers. Though selling a home as is will drive down the price, it won’t make as big of an impact when affordable homes are hard to come by. 

    No Repair Costs

    When you make it clear that you’re selling your home as is, it’s generally understood you won’t be making any repairs. If your home needs a new water heater, roof, or other expensive repairs that simply aren’t in your budget, you don’t have to figure out how to afford them. Though the costs of repairs will drive down the sale price of your home, you can still profit from the sale. 

    Sell Faster

    Selling a home as is takes a lot of responsibility off the seller. You can avoid some steps in the home buying process and sell your home faster with less stress. If you’re not in a position to take on pre-sale inspections, renovations, staging, open houses, and other preparatory stages, selling your home as is can make the process easier.  

    Cons of Selling Your Home As Is

    Lower Sale Price

    The lower sale price is the biggest drawback of selling a home as is. As is homes won’t get the same sale price as their fully inspected, fully repaired and remodeled competition. The severity of the damage will determine how much lower the sale price ultimately is. A real estate agent can help you lower your home’s list price fairly if you’re not sure.  

    Buyer Distrust 

    Sellers are required to disclose problems, but buyers know that not everyone follows the law. That means some buyers will expect damages that aren’t there, and will lower their offer based on problems that don’t exist. Getting past this distrust is possible, but it can be a significant barrier. 

    Limited Buyers

    Fixer uppers attract buyers ready for a project, but many other buyers won’t be interested. If the necessary repairs are significant, the condition of the home might make it difficult to get financing, which will drive away all but cash buyers. 


    Seasoned home flippers make a business out of selling fixer uppers, and these industrious buyers will probably make an offer as low as possible. With buyers starting at low-ball prices, you’ll have to bring sharp negotiating skills to the table to keep the buyer interested and still get a good price. If you’re not sure about this step, bring an experienced real estate agent into your corner to help. 

    Selling a home as is isn’t the best option for everyone, but it can make the home selling process easier in some cases. If you’re not sure whether to sell your home as is or pursue a traditional sale, ask a realtor. Experienced real estate agents have worked with all types of home sales and can point you in the right direction based on your home and your needs.

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