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    easy-to-overlook selling points that entice buyers

    When putting together a home listing it can be challenging to know how to stick out from other listings in your area. A lot of the time many of the listings will blend together making it hard for buyers to differentiate and remember. That’s why it’s important to take the time to highlight selling points that make your home unique and entice buyers.

    Here are 7 Easy-to-Overlook Selling Points That Entice Buyers:

    1. A Pet-free or Hypoallergenic Home

    Many home buyers have potential allergies that limit their home search. For example, a homebuyer with an extreme allergy to cats may avoid purchasing a home that’s been occupied by cats for multiple years. Because of this, taking steps to either market that your home never housed pets, or that proper steps have been taken to extensively clean the home’s surfaces and vents could be an overlooked selling point that entices buyers. For home buyers with extreme allergies, having this added detail about your property could be the reason they write their offer.

    2. Surprising Storage Solutions

    Another easy-to-overlook selling point are surprising storage solutions. Although having ample closet space and cabinet space in main areas are an obvious plus, you may want to highlight some of the lesser looked at storage in your home. For example if your home has built in storage in the dining room or living room that could provide a ton of extra storage to a family, make sure you showcase that. Or if your garage has custom built-in storage units that could be another solution quickly overlooked. Highlighting secondary and surprising storage solutions will make your home stick out to potential buyers.

    3. A Blank Slate With Neutral Walls

    Painting rooms to fit a more neutral taste can also broaden the number of interested buyers you have for your home. Bright or bold trendy colors are appealing to some home buyers, however it will most likely not appeal to the majority. A blank slate on the walls will be a selling point to all home buyers because it will allow them to visualize themselves in the home and picture their unique style throughout.

    4. New Clean Surfaces

    Updating the flooring can have a huge return when trying to sell your home. New flooring is a commonly overlooked selling point, however it can completely update a home. You don’t even have to opt for the most expensive materials. Less expensive flooring, like laminate for example, has really evolved over the years. You can now choose trendy and sturdy wood laminate to give your home an updated look on a budget. Chances are this change will entice potential home buyers by giving them one less thing to do when they purchase your home.

    5. Fresh Paint On The Front Door & Shutters

    As an exception to the neutral color rule, you can add a pop of color to the front door of your for-sale home. Door colors can be incredibly inviting and make a home stick out to a potential buyer, making them an unusual and overlooked selling point. Even just giving your door and shutters a fresh coat of paint will completely brighten the curb appeal of your home. Choose a bright and popular front door color to make your home stick out to potential buyers. 

    6. Energy Saving Updates

    Another easy-to-overlook selling point is energy saving updates that have been made to your home over the years. By improving the efficiency of your home, you’ve probably noticed certain utility bills dropping. Showcasing the energy saving updates you’ve made, and how much money they’ve saved you will entice buyers and make them more likely to feel comfortable putting an offer on your home.

    7. Proximity

    A final easy-to-overlook selling point that entices buyers is proximity. Home buyers want to know how close they are to amenities, schools and other frequented places in the area. Highlighting near by amenities in your listing will allow you to do the research for potential home buyers. For example, maybe your home is in walking distance of a fun local brewery. That could be a huge selling point for some home buyers who prioritize local activities on their home search wish list. Using a tool as simple as google maps you can showcase how close your home is to amenities in your listing.

    Overall, you need to think outside of the box and place yourself in the shoes of a potential home buyer when writing your home listing. Highlighting what sets your home apart from the rest will make it easier for homebuyers to quickly compare properties and make their decision. By incorporating these 7 easy-to-overlook selling points into your home's listing you’ll be sure to entice buyers to make an offer on your home.

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