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    Fall is a unique time of year for real estate because it’s when temperatures begin to drop and the mindset of home buyers shift from summer amenities to fall comfort. Because of this shift in seasons, many home buyers will walk through homes with a shift in priorities. Some elements that were not previously top of mind, could now be selling points to home buyers in the fall. That’s why, when staging your home during the fall, you should include a few different elements into your plan.

    Follow These 9 Fall Home Staging Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast:

    1. Bring in Comfort

    Fall home staging tips adding comfort with pillowsDuring the fall the mood shifts to comfort. Home buyers want to picture themselves relaxing in your home during this season. To make your home more conducive to the feeling of fall, one of the fall home staging tips to follow is to bring comfort into your home. You can do this by adding warm throw pillows and blankets to your couches. This will also allow you to bring a pop of fall color to your home.

    2. Freshen Up Your Walls

    Fall home staging tips freshen up paintAnother fall home staging tip is to freshen up your walls with paint. In general, home buyers like to walk into a home that is more of a blank slate, so choosing trendy neutral paint colors like grey, and warm beiges will allow you to brighten up the space. Creating an accent wall using warm fall colors can also help you sell your home, however make sure it’s a color that appeals to a large majority of home buyers, and not something that only appeals to a specific taste.

    3. Use Fall Scents

    Fall home staging tips fall scentsWhen you think of fall you think of fall scents like hot apple cider, pumpkin spice and mulled wine. One of the most inexpensive fall home staging tips is to bring candles and other fall scented items into the home, to give a subtle fall scent throughout the home. This will help you align well with the state of mind potential home buyers are currently in. However make sure you don't over do this staging tip with too many strong or competing scents.

    4. Add Festive Curb Appeal

    Fall home staging tips fall curb appealUpdating your home for the fall is not only limited to the indoors. Adding fall elements to enhance your curb appeal is also a fall home staging tip you don’t want to forget. One option is to plant festive flowers, like traditional fall mums, to add to your front porch. You could also include a festive wreath, or a few other fall elements, like pumpkins to make a cozy impression on home buyers as they approach your house. This will start the potential home buyer's home viewing off on the right foot.

    5. Create Additional Light Sources

    Fall home staging tips added lightAs the seasons begin to change it can start to get dark out much earlier. Another one of the fall home staging tips is to add additional light sources throughout the home. Home owners want natural light to be visible throughout the home, but if the time of the showing does not allow for that, you need to bring the light in on your own. Adding new lamps, updating lamp shades or adding new light fixtures to main areas will make sure your home feels bright and light even during the darker season.

    6. Incorporate Subtle Fall Decor

    Fall home staging tips fall decorNot only should you bring fall specific decor to the outside, you should also bring a few fall decor elements inside. However, don’t go overboard with this fall home staging tip. Bringing in a few subtle fall decor elements like seasonal flowers in a vase, festive hand towels in the kitchen or timeless fall decor for the mantle, will help you peak the interest of potential buyers. Adding these elements will allow home buyers to picture themselves living in your home in the moment.

    7. Turn Bedrooms Into Sanctuaries with Added Fabrics

    Fall home staging tips bedding fabricAnother area you should bring these fall home staging tips into should be your bedrooms. Bedrooms are an important element of home staging because home buyers will pay close attention to these rooms. To create a cozy fall feel, add extra fabric to your beds and layer different fabrics together to add dimension. This will add warmth instantly and create the appearance of a sanctuary.

    8. Clean Up Carpeting & Rugs

    Fall home staging tips clean carpetIf your home has carpeting, you should pay attention to it’s condition when staging your home for fall. Carpeting adds warmth to areas of the home, however if the main carpet or area rugs look dirty or worn out that could easily turn buyers off to your home. Taking the time to deep clean carpets, or switch out bath and kitchen mats will allow you to appeal to more home buyers.

    9. Put the Fireplace to Use

    Fall home staging tips fireplaceOne of the fall home staging tips that is a no-brainer is putting your fireplace to use. If your home has a working fireplace, turn it on before a home showing to create a cozy atmosphere. If your home has a fireplace that doesn’t work, but is still a focal point of the room, spruce it up with fall elements like subtle mantle decor, and firewood. A fireplace is a selling feature to a lot of home buyers, and it will be especially noticed during this time of year when the temperatures begin to drop.


    Setting your home up for fall with these fall home staging tips will help you position yourself to sell your home quickly. Potential buyers want to picture themselves living in your home when they tour it, so it’s important that you spruce up your home staging based on the season. What are some other fall home staging tips you can think of? Let us know in the comments!

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