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    increase value of homeSelling a home is a game of perceived value. The ultimate goal is to get someone to think that your home has enough value to them to want to put an offer in on it to purchase it. 

    One of the ways that you can increase the perceived value of your home is to incorporate other items of value from your home into the sale in which buyers would be interested. 

    Not only will these items help positively shape how people see your listing but it will also benefit you in the long run because you will have less to relocate.


    Five items to sell with your home to increase value:

    1. Sporting Equipment

    If you live in a family-friendly neighborhood and get families with small children viewing your home, throwing in that driveway basketball hoop is a nice incentive for a sale.

    2. Backyard Storage/Shed

    Whether you are selling a smaller home with a small lot size or a large, house with plenty of yard space, people are always looking for additional storage. Leaving your backyard shed behind can not only save you the stress of relocating it, but it also tends to be a highlight for many people looking for a new home.

    3. Lighting Fixtures

    Depending on who your potential buyer is, lighting fixtures can either be a bonus or a bust. Whether your lights feature a more modern style or a vintage flair, adding them into the contracted sale can give you a leg up in negotiations.

    4. Washer/Dryer Machines

    For many buyers, especially first time home buyers, knowing that there is a washer and dryer being sold with the home provides a huge draw. For you, it’s also two less (big) things to worry about when it comes time to move.

    5. Yard Equipment

    Lawnmowers, snowblowers, etc. - when in good condition - also offer a nice incentive for buyers to take the leap and for you to lessen your moving load.

    When you can throw in extra, valuable items into the sale of your home, you only increase the sighted value of your home to buyers. It’s also a great opportunity to purge items that you could live without or that you could upgrade when you relocate to a new home.

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